Staff Contact Information

Executive Director

Carol Boyle, MA


Director of Admissions /

Program Director

Eduardo Cruz, BA


Clinical Director

Marlene Parker, Psy.D, HSPP


Director of Education

Douglas Thieme, MAE


School Administrative Assistant

Spencer Berry


EAL Coordinator /

Horse Professional

Maggie Boyle

EOC Specialist /
Direct Care Facilitator

Eric Creech, CBET, CHEP

ESC Intake Specialist / 

Case Manager

Fernando Cruz, BA

Residential Intake Specialist / Case Manager

Eric Carmichael, BS


Case Manager

DeAnn Biddle, BS


Case Manager

Marcus Marble, BS

Independent Living Specialist

Jeffery Wingo, AS


Residential Therapist

Julia Mays, MSW, LSW

Human Resources

Janette Cruz, MBA


Medical Specialist

Sami Knepley, BS



Ann Hodupp


Administrative Assistant

Aubrey Davis, BA



Contact Us

Paddock View Residential Center

1700 East Bradford Street

Marion, Indiana 46952


Phone: 765-664-7740

Fax: 765-664-7743

Get Directions To:
1700 East Bradford Street
Marion Indiana 46952